• Our company import and sell overseas play equipment to amusement parks, tourist facilities, leisure facilities, rental companies in Japan.
  • Our company sells speed measuring instruments for sports facilities, professional sports teams, universities, research institutes, government agencies, as Japan’s agency (Distributer) of the stalker radar of the American speed gun (Radar Gun).
  • Many import trading companies in Japan sell to customers through wholesalers but we realize the inexpensive offer by selling overseas products directly to customers as our own business model.
Company name KANASAI S&A Inc. (KANSAI Sports & Amusement)
Company Code 4120002058418
Managing director Yasuhiro Yamaguchi
Address 35-7 Yamadaminami Suita Osaka Japan 565-0823
Tel 816-6816-8770 Fax : 816-6816-8771
E-mail info@kansai-sa.com
URL http://kansai-sa.com
Date of establishment 1994.4
Main bank Mitsui Sumitomo Bank , Nishinoda Branch office
Transaction country China, U.S.A., Taiwan, Canada, Italy, UK